The Hardback Story

When I was 18 years old, with graduation just around the corner,

I was in need of a job!


So my family and friends (old and new) gathered to form a team of

support. Together they helped me to launch a customized business that would create a product of interest not only to myself, but hopefully to you as well.

My passion for books and keeping the earth a great place for all of us to

live has inspired me to create an eco-friendly business; springing old

books into a new purpose. I make writing journals and other items from

discarded media. We call it a microenterprise because I am the entrepreneur of this small business.


I have a form of Autism called Asperger’s Syndrome, and a customized job

is always the best way for me to accentuate my strengths.



I am proud to report that I have been running my own business for over a decade. Just like many self-employed business owners, I rely on the

help and support of others. It makes working more fun and I get advice

and input from a variety of people. My product list is growing and you can

find my items in retail stores and at local fairs, conventions and expos, all year-round. Most importantly, I am making an income!

Just like other employed business people, I am paying taxes and I feel like I

am contributing to my own well-being and my present and future work potential. This year I reached my goal of earning myMedicare Credits before my 22nd Birthday!





Brian Martin, Owner