Hardcover Journals

Hardcover journals are made from discarded books that were out of circulation or damaged, and in many circumstances, headed to landfills. This upcycled product has "a little bit of whimsy and a green attitude," with at least 80 pages of blank paper, The Hardback Story, and a vintage library pouch with a business card and the date the journal was manufactured.

DVD/VHS Journals

These media journals are made out of Blockbuster backer cards or donated slipcovers from VHSs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays. They are the perfect notepad for any gender who loves a good movie, new or old, and has an interest in recycling and keeping the world green.

Framed Titles

These pieces of artwork were created from the spines cut off of the hardcover journals. True upcycling at its best! Each Framed Title is unique and are themed by color, subject matter, author, or whatever strikes the artist. Custom work can be created by request. These works are perfect for hanging in home libraries, living rooms, home offices, and children's rooms.

Worldly Birds

Discarded atlases and passed-down beads and belts adorn these Worldly Birds. Each bird has a wooden core and metal feet and stands about six inches tall. Of course no two birds are  exactly alike.


Anyone who loves a good book would enjoy receving a gift of an upcycled ornament made from discarded book pages, journal hole punches, and a tiny frosted Christmas Tree as a little hidden treasure. This ornament hangs from natural twine, with just the right finishing touch. We have been told this is a big hit with teachers, librarians, and book club buddies.

Book Jewels

Silver or gold-toned baubels made from artwork from a variety of vitage books saved from the land fill.  Each pendant is 3/4 inch in diameter and hangs from a back or brown leather or cotton adjustable cord. Enjoy a piece of the past. 

Party Out of a Box

Use book spines to create a collage with your friends and family!